Crazy Weight Loss Gimmicks, Don’t Try These

by Puget Sound Bariatrics on July 11, 2012


An article by fitbie currently is making news about some of the weird, unhealthy ways that desperate people try and lose weight. While some seem a tad silly, some of the ideas can even land the person in the hospital—or worse. These gimmicks are also temporary, meaning that once the dieter returns to a state of normalcy, the eating patterns will return and the weight will go back on.

Some of the trends include the feeding tube diet, typically for brides-to-be or individuals who want to lose a massive amount of weight quickly. The tube drips a minimal calorie protein-fat liquid into the stomach. Another trend is ear stapling, where surging staples are placed in the inner cartilage of their ear. The belief is that it is supposed to suppress appetite. Or, how about diet sunglasses? The blue-tinted shades are supposed to make food look less appetizing, even moldy or rotten in appearance, so you will eat less. Or how about “diet dinnerware” with a light built onto the fork-spoon combo that lights up when you are to eat and when you are to pause, essentially moderating the speed in which you eat.

ZZ6D958172.jpgMost individuals wanting to lose weight have tried a gimmick or two, and while short-term results may be exciting, they are just that. Temporary. But when you are ready to turn your life around, and lose the weight permanently and adopt a healthier lifestyle, we hope you will come to us and see if a weight loss surgery is right for you!

The easiest way to get started and determine whether this is a life-changing weight-loss option for you is to attend one of our upcoming free seminars. We have the free seminars around town on different days and times so that one option can hopefully work for you. Upcoming dates include July 16 and 18 and August 1, 9, 15 and 23. Check our website for details on location and times. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange a personal consultation as well!

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